Renew Star Crossed!

It was around 3 am, that I finished binge watching the first season of Star Crossed. And as the season finale’s are known to be, this one was just as mind blowing as any other. There were so many questions left unanswered. And the worst of all was Taylor and Drake’s future. What would happen to them? Would she survive? And Romery?

I hate waiting for a new season. All those months gap where my mind tries to grasp around what would happen ‘next’? So you can imagine my condition when I found out that for us, Star Crossed fans, there would be no ‘next’ season. CW cancelled the show along with some of my other favourite ones, like The Carrie Diaries and The Tomorrow People. And as much as I wanted to petition against the injustice of The Vampire Diaries season finale cliff hanger, I can vouch for the fact that not many TV shows caught my attention in the way Star Crossed did. A whole new world, a different race of people, so many love triangles and a fabulous cast! This show has so much potential, it’s sad to think that we won’t be seeing any more of it. After introducing us to such a captivating show, how is it fair to not even give us an answer to how it ends? And no, the interview with the creator, where she tells us what would have happened in season 2 is JUST NOT ENOUGH.

I need more of Drake and Taylor. They were so darn cute together. They could have been an ideal example to a human-Atrian relationship. Like the one’s who’d most likely live in Edendale Springs. Not to mention the Trags and Red Hawks, who were so involved in their respective missions that they brought out some of the best complications in the story that kept pushing it forward. There are some petitions and campaigns circulating to save the show, but..

I don’t know. So many people loved this show. Why can’t anyone see that? Why can’t some channel pick it up for a Season 2?  I know I demand a lot, but when it comes to something I love, it’s alright to fight for it. And Star Crossed is something worth fighting for ^^


Until then, Aldovos. (that’s Atrian – Sondiv – for goodbye)


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