Book Review — Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L Armentrout

Samantha and Cassie, two bestfriends who are atop the social hierarchy in their school and live without a care for others. When they suddenly disappear without a word, no one knows what to think. After all their disappearance could be quite beneficial to a lot of people who suffered under the reign of these two conniving spoilt brats. But after a few days, Samantha returns  in a torn bruised condition, with absolutely no recollection of what happened. Let alone that, she can’t even seem to remember anything about herself. Days after her return, Cassie is still missing and people begin to fear the worse.

Guilt ridden, Sam tries everything in her power to get her memory back and help uncover the truth behind what happened to Cassie. What she learns about herself and the antics of her posse leave her disgusted and utterly ashamed. Determined to turn over a new leaf, she attempts to right all her wrongdoings and in the process makes new and worthy friends. However the closer she gets to recalling what happened that night, the more in danger she is. Gradually she starts getting blamed for Cassie’s disappearance and Sam begins to doubt herself. Not only that but someone else knows what happened and threatens Sam. Could it be that she hurt her best friend? Or is someone else responsible?

I found this book very easy to go through because from the first page it was so captivating. Samantha and Cassie are two cold, manipulative teenagers who gloat in their family background and wealth, deeming everyone else as inferior. It’s not very shocking to see how Cassie’s arrival in Sam’s life brings out the worst in her. Yes, you heard it. Sam was actually a decent person before Cassie came along. Actually the one question I still have unresolved after reading this book is how all of a sudden there is such a drastic personality change in Sam?

I think Scott is a very lovable brotherly character. He doesn’t agree with the discrimination of people based on wealth which makes him a strong character who is integral to the protagonists character growth. Their brother sister bond changes for the better when Sam begins to appreciate him. His relationship with Julie, who was Sam’s good childhood friend is very adorable. Julie is very forgiving of Sam and makes her comfortable in the aftermath of the incident. Then there’s Carson, Sam’s best friend from when she was 11 years old. As she got more involved with Cassie and Del (her boyfriend) Carson was pushed to the back seat. But now he’s here to stay as a helping hand and more.. if only Sam would let go of her daunting past.

It’s just brilliant! I had some opinions about what would have happened and until the last couple of chapters I was so sure it would be right. But no! The truth was a shock and that made the entire story all the more mind blowing. Fans of Mean Girls, The Roommate, Pretty Little Liars and just about any thriller will definitely find this book to their liking.

Ratings – 4 stars on 5.


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