Korean Drama Review — The Heirs

The Heirs is a Korean drama  that follows a beautiful story of people who are caught up in the web of familial responsibilities and as teenagers, how they manage to get on with life despite the obstacles they meet every step of the way.  To say that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye play the central roles would be unfair, as there as so many more actors who play integral parts in the show.

Kim Tan (Min Ho) – the illegitimate son of the owner of Jeguk Group – is banished to US by his jealous elder brother Kim Won (Jin Hyuk) . It is there that he comes across Eun Sang (Shin Hye) who leaves Korea to find her elder sister. A big misconception drives Eun Sang and Kim Tan together. Homeless and without much resources amidst  the English speaking masses, Eun Sang takes refuge in Kim Tan’s palatial house. And so a bond begins to form. On the other hand, Kim Tan’s engagement has been arranged to the daughter of another wealthy household – Rachel (Kim Ji Won)  to strengthen their power. What Kim Tan doesn’t know is that Rachel has feelings for him, because of which she schemes to drive away Eun Sang. A close friend turned enemy – Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) – is not pleased by Kim Tan’s arrival back in Korea. They used to be best buds, terrorizing the rest of the students with their show of power, but something in their past tore their friendship. Needless to say, Choi Young Do begins to play around with Eun Sang, teasing and troubling her only to infuriate Kim Tan. Or so it seems.

Undaunted by all this drama is the adorable couple Lee Bo Na (Krystal) and Chan Young (Min Hyuk). They are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Her bickering and his consoling is a treat to the eye. They are the kind of couple who can grow oblivious to others as long as they are together. Chan Young is Eun Sang’s childhood friend, the fact which drives Bo Na nuts. Hyo Shin (Ha Neul) is a jovial senior who is like an elder brother to the others. He is bound by his parents expectations and so feels trapped and unable to live freely. He has a crush on his tutor –  – who is involved with Kim Won.

Throughout this drama we see how the parents of all the main characters maintain a firm hold over their life. There are very few parent-child relationships that are open and amiable. The characters of this show are all related in a way or two. Initially it was a little confusing to keep track of it all, but it gets better with each episode – things fall into place. A very relatable scenario after all most of the characters are highschool students. What I find a little hard to believe is the gullibility of Eun Sang when she agrees to stay at Kim Tan’s place. I mean, who in their senses would agree to something as ridiculous as that, particularly when they know nothing about the guy? She is shown as gutsy and brave but some things are too stupid to be argued. I really really loved the drama as well as KIM WOO BIN. Behind his tough exterior is a soft side that not many people see. A MUST WATCH!

Rating – 9/10


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