Anime Review — Kaze no Stigma

Kaze no Stigma is a fantasy-based anime that revolves around the life of magic users – the Kannagi family, to be precise. The Kannagi’s are renowned fire magic users, a force to be reckoned with. Kazuma Kannagi  the eldest son of the Kannagi family  gets kicked out of the house for his inability to master the fire magic, that is supposedly the “way of a Kannagi”. As a child, he is banished from returning home. Fire magic is supposed to come naturally to all the Kannagis, then what went wrong with Kazuma?
4 years after he was banished, we see that Kazuma has acquired wind magic powers. All this while he has been training diligently, trying to put behind his tormented past. He helps people get rid of demons in exchange for a reward. If he is paid, he gets the task done. One such job brings him back into the scene and under the watchful eyes of the Kannagis. His father isn’t all too happy to see him. However, his little brother Ren is beyond ecstatic to meet the older brother he has always looked upto. 17 year old Ayano, the successor of the family shares a sort of love-hate relationship with Kazuma. The moment they see each other, they get into a fight. Point to be noted, the Kannagi family underestimated Kazuma. He is far too powerful now to be defeated easily by either of them. And so, their constant bickering keeps the show alive with a lot of humour. When you are as powerful as the Kannagis are, its very obvious that there are a lot of people trying to bring you down. Throughout the show, the family face a lot of obstacles, most of which Kazuma gets paid to deal with.  As the show progresses, the Kannagi’s become more comfortable with Kazuma. They realize that he is not as useless as he was made to be and that there is a very kind, caring heart behind his stark nature.
There are troublesome instances from his past that aren’t disclosed until the very end. There’s a constant level of thrill and suspense maintained in the anime. I used to watch 6-7 episodes in a day.  Its thaat good! Jugo Kannagi, Ayano’s father and Kazuma’s uncle, is portrayed as the mediator. He constantly tries to be the peace maker and contain Genma’s (Kazuma’s father) wrath. He is a good father and guides Ayano to take the right decisions.  The storyline is a little predictable at times, especially with Kazuma and Ayano. The only thing thing is that I feel the end was a little rushed. Like they tried to get a lot of scenes done in the last 2 episodes.
Basically it’s all about how the Kannagi family battle their way through enemies and come out victorious. There are lots of twists and turns. Very enjoyable and a rather good plot.

Rating – 8/10


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