Book Review — Matched by Ally Condie

 In a Society where everything is controlled by the Government, Cassia Reyes finds herself questioning the authority more than once. Matched by Ally Condie is a novel that looks into a probable-future and how things might function then. A system that boasts of its perfect methods is all of sudden put under scrutiny when the people of Mapletree Borough realize that all is not as perfect as the Officials make them seem. In the Society, everyone is “matched” with a person deemed to be their partner for life. They are assigned what to eat, what work to do, how long they live and even their social status is determined by the Officials. Its practically a robot-life.
Cassia was supposed to lead a happy, safe life with her matched partner Xander. But when a minor glitch leads her onto a dangerous path, towards Ky Markham, she starts risking everything to be with Ky. Questioning the authority is something that few attempt, disobeying them is something that only a few dare. Cassia knows that either she must continue to live amidst all the rules and discipline in the Borough or she could be the brave person her Grandfather thought her to be and follow her heart. What will she choose? The rebel or the submissive?

This book has been on my reader for a very long time and it never occurred to me that maybe, it not only has an eye-catching cover but also a brilliant plot. I admit that there were times I wanted to ditch the book and grab something else but something very minuscule kept tugging at my mind to not let go of it, just yet. And wow! Could I be more glad for finishing it?! 😀 It has got attractive male characters, a rebellious female character, a lot of hide&seek, a brilliant storyline – what’s not to like? Cassia just drags you in and  takes you for a ride throughout the novel. She is a loveable personality and you’d be surprised at how relate-able her character has been made. The Society that Ally Condie has imagined as “what the future would be like” is great, perhaps appropriate too but then you begin to realize how restriction is not the solution to all our problems. I mean you can’t tell people what to eat and how much to eat or who to marry and who not to fall for! So I can completely understand why Cassia grows vary of the Officials.
There are loads of other intriguing ideas in the novel. I tell you – get past the slow paced chapters and you wont regret it!

Ratings – 5 stars on 5!


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A 27 year-old freelance Content Writer, who spends all her free time ensconced in the pages of a book or writing to her heart's content about topics that excite the creative spirit in her.

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