More awards ^_^

Hello you!

My week just got a whole lot better with 3 more award  nominations 😀 Mia@OkaayThen nominated me for 3 awards! Can you believe that?! 1 post….3 awards! I sure can’t. It feels like I am not able to snap out of this reverie of receiving awards for my blog.  Like not only is the stuff i write, good enough for people to read but also receive awards for. 🙂 Here are the awards I received —-


So the rules for the 3 awards are almost the same – display the badge, nominate other bloggers, answer questions, post new questions et cetera….

The Versatile Blogger award requires you to post 7 interesting things about yourself. So there you go :
1. I get high and hyper easily, without any alcohol or such.
2. I would rather wear high heels and deal with the bruises at the end of the day than wear something more comfy.
3. I am a tv-show addict. I can immerse myself in those sitcoms the whole day and not realise that time is passing by.
4. I am 18 and still in love with the Barbie series of movies 😛
5. I still possess my Pokemon card collection. We could trade if you want to? 😀
6. I was part of the girl scouts in my school for a year and half.
7. Despite the after effects, I still prefer to watch horror movies at night 😛 After effects being sleeplessness and an over-active imagination.

  1. What song describes you best?
    Kesha – We R Who We R. It’s like my soul song. There are many more but this one is so far the best.
  2. If you could say one thing to anyone, what would it be and why?
    If I had to say something to someone, it would be to a couple of people from college, asking them to “chill it” and not act so high and mighty.
  3. Best thing in your life?
    My family 🙂
  4. Favourite thing to do?
    I love writing. And dancing.
  5. Dream dinner (3 courses)?
    I don’t eat a 3 course meal. So anything with chicken in it.
  6. Dream day out with friends?
    To go clubbing, Then for a movie and finally relax and chit-chat on a beach.
  7. Dream party?
    Pool party, dancing all night long. Actually just about anything as long as my friends are there with me.
  8. I don’t know why I keep mentioning dreams – let’s shake it up with weirdest dream you’ve ever had.
    I don’t have dreams. Like maybe once in a blue moon 😛
  9. You seriously thought I was going to say something completely different, didn’t you?
    Honestly, no. I thought you’d end it with another “dream” question 😀
  10. What is the most meaningful thing somebody’s ever said/done for you?
    One of the most meaningful thing that somebody has ever said to me is when my parents told me that I could do whatever I wanted in life and they would be happy if I  was happy with my decision. I feel I am really lucky to have such liberal parents. It just shows how much they respect me and my decision and they treat me like a responsible adult. 🙂

I don’t follow many blogs as of now. SO I will update this post with nominations all through this week. Forgive me for that.
Am1e’s Nail Diary

My question – just one.
Describe yourself best in 10 words. (No sentences. )

Good Day people! 🙂

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