Justice Be Served

This rage knows no bounds
It wont be quenched till
Justice be served.

Blinding rage engulfs me.
Thirsty for vengeance
For blood.

Till your head on a platter
This storm wont pass.
Till you’re punished, this
Unceasing battle.
Or so is my wishful thinking.

My world died centuries back.
What now persists, simply
An artificial setting.
One that you made, to your benefit.

A public slaughter, I demand.
To which you turn a deaf ear!
Not surprising,eh?

Glitches far too many, surface now.
This helplessness is suffocating.
I want out.
I want to flee.
From this world,
That took over mine.

In light of some recent events, this is just me venting. I hope I don’t scare you off with this 😛 I rarely get pissed, but when I do.. let’s just say, its better off not to provoke me 😀


Published by Meera Nair

A 27 year-old freelance Content Writer, who spends all her free time ensconced in the pages of a book or writing to her heart's content about topics that excite the creative spirit in her.

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