Korean Drama Review – Personal Taste

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I’m back with another drama review. This one is also  a Lee MinHo starrer with Son YeJin as his co-actor and the leading lady. It has a rather unique plot and I was immediately hooked onto it. Its known as Personal Taste or Personal Preference. This show revolves around the 2 characters, JinHo and GaeIn. JinHo is an architect and GaeIn is a furniture designer. They both stumble into each other, one fine morning. But as fate would have it, they get off on the wrong foot. Later when JinHo realizes that GaeIn is the key to his  success, he decides to reconcile. He pretends to be gay in order to rent a room at GaeIn’s house.
On the other hand, our protagonist here, is dealing with a bad breakup. In her depressed and pitiful state, albeit a little hesitantly, she agrees to lease the room to JinHo. Oblivious to JinHo’s ulterior motive, GaeIn begins to get comfortable with him.  When JinHo (somewhat drawn to her) decides to help get revenge on Chang Ryul (her ex) she agrees. Amidst all the scheming and the etiquette lessons (that GaeIn obviously needs to transform into a swan),  the obvious happens. They begin to have feelings for each other. What will happen when they finally acknowledge their feelings? How long will JinHo be able to keep up the gay pretence?

I grew really fond of this drama since the first episode. It was hilarious from the beginning. There is no beating around the bush or dragging out scenes. The first few times they meet, their constant bickering was really amusing to watch. GaeIn is a clumsy, tomboyish, sensitive and innocent person. She forms strong bonds and gets attached to people  easily. And so when JinHo is even a little late coming back from work, she gets all tensed and worked up. Pacing in the house, sitting out on the steps. And a typical JinHo would snub her for being so “weak hearted and clingy”. But we all know, secretly he was quite pleased that a girl would do all this for him. He can’t hide that from us viewers and die-hard fans 😉

On to the other characters, we have Han Chang Ryul played by Kim Ji Seok. He appears to have a very charming personality apart from the fact that he dumps GaeIn for her bestfriend. Yet I somehow sympathise with him (idk why..). Maybe it has something to do with the super sweet smile of his. In the drama, he seems to be the kind of well brought up, mannered gentleman. So let’s set aside his mistakes for awhile 😀
Then we have Kim In Hee (Wang Ji Hye), a very very very bad person! I strongly detest that character. Cause more than a hundred times, I’ve wanted to yank her hair  for being so evil-queen like. The way she manipulates her words to get what she wants is just UN-BELIEVABLE! :O She’s the character that obviously causes all the trouble throughout the season. Butting into matters that don’t involve her and just simply being mean down to the core. 

Anyhow it is a drama DEFINITELY worth watching atleast once! You MUST! 😀 I believe I’m a little late for saying that. Probably the whole world has seen it and I’m the last person? 😛 Anyone out there? Not seen it yet? 😀

Ratings – 8.5/10


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19 thoughts on “Korean Drama Review – Personal Taste

  1. Hi, I love reading your reviews. Hopefully you can feature Nine Times Time Travel. It’s a great k drama. It’s unpredictable and full of twist. Hopefully, you can make a review after watching it. Thanks

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion and for liking my reviews! 🙂 Am really glad you were able to come across it.. and I will definitely watch Nine – TTNT & review it 🙂

  2. I’m watching it now, and am loving it so much I bought it on DVD already. Haven’t laughed so much in ages . I’m now headed into the angst producing episodes near the end as I just finished Episode 14. As yes, I have wanted to bodily remove Kim In Hee from the drama multiple times. It’s to the point now that I bad mouth her everytime I see her! LOL

    1. This reply is so late, still… 😛 if you liked this, you should try out You’re Beautiful, To The Beautiful You and Coffee Prince (if you haven’t already). They are all about people pretending to be something they’re not. Epic fun! 😀

  3. Personal Taste was absolutely amazing!!! I loved it to bits. I stumbled across it three weeks ago and after going through the gist, I decided to watch the first episode. And Gae-In won my heart within fifteen minutes 😀 Son Ye Jin was so adorable and cute with this sweet and funny character and gave such a colourful performance that no matter how many times I watch this drama (I have now watched it five times after my first viewing :D), I will continue to laugh and melt over all the humourous and romantic scenes.
    And Lee Minho was equally outstanding *clapping hands*. Absolutely no one else could have portrayed the role of straightforward Jeon Jin-Ho. Great looks and overall appearance for the role was stunning and so apt for the character that it was immensely enjoyable and attractive to watch. Whenever Gae-In and Jin-Ho come on screen, I get so excited and wonder what those two were going to be upto now :D. Episode 5 was superb! Thanks to Jin-Ho for lecturing a great class for girls. I find it incredibly useful 🙂 On my urge, four of my friends watched Personal Taste and one of them particularly adored it exactly the way I did. Not a day has gone by when we didn’t laugh and sweet-talk over all the best scenes.
    Each and every scene was delivered perfectly and inserted in the right sequence. I was particularly blown by two scenes: One, that epic Game Over kiss and two, the revelation that in the end Jin-Ho actually used Gae-In’s apology apple as his motif. What a stroke of brilliance *clapping hands*. I was speechless. Because the other way I viewed it was he actually apologised that way too.
    Hats off to Personal Taste!!!

      1. Oh my God, I’m madly in love with Personal Taste, Meera :D. Don’t ask. Several of my friends are completely gaga over Lee Minho and kept urging me to watch Boys Over Flowers. Truthfully, I wasn’t actually pulled in by him neither Boys Over Flowers. But just because they kept gushing he’s a great actor and such, I decided to watch a drama of his. I didn’t want to watch BOF, mainly because I hated his hair 😀 but after going through a gist of Personal Taste and seeing how he looked in it, I clicked on episode one. And in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep I was laughing like a complete idiot, practically shaking the sofa with it 😀 And as each moment went by, stunning comedy and unexpected surprises came out. Loved it to bits. I really can’t say how much I really do 😀 It’s unexplainable <3<3
        And now I have taken the resolution to watch nothing more of Lee Minho, because he impressed me so much with Jeon Jin-Ho that I want to remember him only by that character 😀 Haha.
        Long live Jin-Ho and Gae-In ❤

        1. You are SO hyper about it 😛 its cute! I am the same when I watch fun KDramas 😀 Like Dating Agency Cyrano and Emergency Couple – loved both sooo much ^^
          What really?! I started watching kdramas with lee min ho and I remember I saw atleast 3 of his dramas back to back before I saw any others. The Heirs wasn’t all that great, typical high school drama, love triangle stuff -.- But it gave me KIM WOO BIN :O ❤ must watch his dramas, he is extremeely talented and totally deserves a lead role.
          With that resolution, I don't think you are missing out on too much. Faith was decent. The Heirs like I mentioned. And City Hunter – fast paced and good but not amaazing. So you're oke 😛

        2. Haha, okay then. I thought the same. Nothing else might be as good as Personal Taste. And The Heirs … oh boy 😦 … I watched upto sixteen episodes before stumbling across Personal Taste (mainly due to the fact he acted with Park Shin Hye, the girl who won my heart with her performance in You Are Beautiful). I tried keeping it together just for Minho but even he couldn’t save me out of the suffocation I endured while watching 😀 Halfway through episode 16 I switched it off. Storyline was too bare and there wasn’t anything that interested me in it. If anyone who loves The Heirs and happens to stumble across this comment, please forgive me 😀
          And the other dramas of his, more than the fact I don’t to see any more character of his because of Jinho, I don’t feel attracted by the storyline

        3. Um, I’ve lost count actually 😀 Haha. I recently wrote my own review on my blog. Please check it out. ❤

  4. I was thinking of making a blog post on the drama but knowing me, I’ll let out spoilers and my friends who see my blog haven’t yet seen Personal Taste 😀 So I plan on doing so after I made sure everyone watched it. I’m currently in the process of advertising it to many people.

  5. this is really a good and wonderful one, and i also wish to see lee min ho when i go to seoul, korea

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