May Photo A Day – I Bought This!

Hey everyone!
Here’s a photo challenge  I came across via a fellow blogger – Felice@kissofjoy – known as May Photo A Day. Thanks so much for sharing, Felice! Or else I would’ve never come across this 🙂 Thought of and created by an instagram blogger “fatmumslim”, I think this is one of the best photo challenges I’ve heard of. So why not participate?! It’ll be so much fun! Here’s the post where you can catch up on all extra info – May Photo A Day

So today being May 1st, the prompt is to share a picture of something you bought. That’d be a tough call for me, as I’ve been shopping a LOT recently! So I am going to pick a few things I like the best.


A few nail polishes. I can never go out shopping and NOT buy nail polish. 😀 So whether I have bought anything else or not, I always return home with a couple of these. There’s yellow, a teal colored blue, a pinkish nude, a lime green, a top coat and a blue glitter shade.


College shopping –  Bought these really pretty flats at a great price!

What do you think?! Please participate and share your pictures. Would love to check out your   photos.


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