Book Review – Scapemaker by Steve Cypert

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would actually be able to go through the entire book (initially). The first couple of chapters were a little slow paced for my liking. But I couldn’t be more glad for not putting it down. It has been one of my best reads in early 2013. The plot is so enriching and imaginative, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. For those of us, who associate the “paranormal” with either vampires or werewolves or such – we will definitely begin to reconsider and rethink the vast horizons of the supernatural world.

Scapemaker is the first book in the series and follows the life of Matthew Namely, as he tries to cope with a parallel universe – the dream world. Where all just seems to be a mind game, but actually is as much a part of reality as himself.  A sudden dire circumstance leads to Matthew questioning himself as well as those around him. What he considered true was far from it. When part of your identity was always concealed and you were bought up under false pretences, what is a teen-aged boy  to do?
Creatures so unimaginable, it leaves you mind-boggled in an attempt to process their existence.Night walkers, Sand sleepers, Soul feeders , Skin walkers, Dreamscapers, Imagi, dragons and so much more! :O
Kudos to the author for crafting all this from scratch, it is truly an awe-inspiring deed! Matthew is a very likable character. And the bonding with his mother is just so adorable! Daedree and Amber add equal doses of girly drama and help keep up the love-triangle. Hunter is just a BIG PAIN IN THE A** and more than once, I have wanted to kick him hard! I mean talk about bad timing! Can’t he just leave Matthew alone?! Well, technically speaking, no, cause he is the villian. But still… The whole plot is soo different than anything I’ve EVER read which just doubles the excitement and anxiety.Its a very articulately written book. As I said before, the first couple of chapters were a little slow, only to cusion the impact of the forthcoming fast paced chapters (and to make them more understandable). Its like collecting all the pieces of a puzzle. Only when you have them all, can you understand the bigger picture. 🙂

Well I could just go on and on, its that good! Oh, and I just realized something – this book has so effectively held my attention I totally didn’t realize I just finished a book of 519 pages so fast! I didn’t realize I was on the last page and in that instant I was so shocked and wanting more. 😥 Its cruel to have to wait till the 2nd book comes out. But anyway,  let Mr.Cypert work his magic even more amazingly! 😛
That’s all folks! I hope (for your sake) that you give it a try, if you haven’t already! You wont be disappointed! NEVER! 😀

Rating – a GAZILLION stars out of 5! 😉 is that allowed? Well, never mind, you get the point!

-Spreading the Bookish Love.

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