Book Review – Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah

Wow! :O

Dream Caster is a novel based on post-war Toronto. It explores the lives of a lucky few who managed to survive the catastrophe, which wipes mankind off the face of the Earth. Weaver, the protagonist, is a very soft and kind hearted character. He is left helpless as his world – the settlement where he grew up – collapses before his eyes. Ever since, thoughts of the disastrous event flood his mind, not allowing him any sense of peace. Soon, he discovers an absurd ability that he possesses – the power to make his dreams come true! Now who doesn’t want that?! However with power comes responsibility and Weaver must learn to control it in time (and use it against the wrongdoers) in order to prevent extinction of life on this planet.

I would like to congratulate Najeev Nadarajah for a job well done and I hope this book crosses boundaries of success!! The storyline was out-of-the-world amazing. There were many jaw-dropping instances. I especially liked Weavers character! It has been inked beautifully with minor flaws as seen in every individual. I ABSOLUTELY loved the style of writing adopted by the author. I have never read a book with such a writing technique, before, and I can tell you, I am definitely hooked onto it. The anticipation with the oncoming 21st December 2012, makes the publishing date of the book (19th December) a little too apt. The book had such a huge impact, I was staring at the last page for awhile before I could snap out of the reverie. It was a lot to process at first but once everything started to seep in, it was mind blowing.Can’t wait for the 2nd book!! 😀 I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. There’s something in it for all fiction lovers. 🙂

Rating – 5 star


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