Book Review – The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus 2) by Rick Riordan

Goddess Hera has implemented an exchange of leaders between Camp Jupiter (Roman) and Camp Half Blood (Greek) in order to prevent Gaia from destroying Olympus and taking over the world. Where the first book (Lost Hero) focuses on Jason Grace – praetor of Camp Jupiter as he makes his way to Camp Half Blood – the second book in the series is all about Percy and the 2 new demigods (Frank and Hazel) . Just like Jason, Percy finds himself in an old worn out mansion under the captivity of the wolf Lupa. He remembers nothing about himself except one name , Annabeth. He is certain that she is a part of his past. A part he doesn’t want to leave behind.

Unknowingly he lands in Camp Jupiter, with Hera’s  assistance. There he befriends Frank and Hazel. Being the son of Poseidon was never an easy task. Here in Camp Jupiter, it appears to be even more difficult, as Neptune (or Poseidon) is not one of the most preferred Gods. Apart from that, after witnessing Percy’s control over water bodies, the demigods become wary of him. Soon he, Frank and Hazel are sent on a quest to free Thanatos (Death) who has been captured by Alcyoneus. Alcyoneus is the eldest giant, born to overpower Hades and take his place. Since the Doors To Death have been forced open, none of the monster stay dead for more than a minute. With so much going on, the 3 demigods must complete the quest and return by the Feast of Fortuna as an army of Cyclopes, Polybotes, wild centaurs, basilisks, karpoi and several Earthborn attack Camp Jupiter. The chances of victory seem slim but you  never know!

I think I am going to start worshipping Rick Riordan as of today. He ought to have a wax statue made of himself. He deserves to win every award EVER made for authors. Oh my gods!! This book has been the most impressive! Every time I pick up a new book, I keep thinking that I would get bored of it half way through, but that has never happened. Rick Riordan establishes new standards of imagination, innovation, creativity in terms of plot, description, uniqueness of characters and so on. I especially liked the chapters from Hazel’s POV. Despite being a 13 year old (and the youngest among them all) , she is very brave, strong and mature. She has gone through a lot and I guess that has made her more tough. She deals with obstacles and troublesome times much better than you’d expect. Frank is well built, sort of like a bull, but he is a very sensitive character. He cares deeply about his friends and family. Initially, he did underestimate himself but that changed when he learned the whole truth about the origin of his family and their powers. As always there is a huge battle towards the end of the book (I particularly look forward to these climax parts) and I couldn’t have felt any more proud of all the characters. It was as if they were all part of my family (insane right?!). I’d take up the duty of a cheerleader, urging them to slay the monsters. They all fought like a hurricane and put in their best efforts. Perfection! This book is perfect in every facet. 😀

Rating – 5 stars (on 5)


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2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus 2) by Rick Riordan

  1. I know right? I felt the same way too! 😀 And every book of Riordan’s makes me wanna read more. I can’t wait till next year for The House of Hades.
    Oh, and I LOVE Leo 😀

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