Book Review – Dear Sister (Sweet Valley High 7) by Francine Pascal.

Identical twins – Jessica and Elizabeth. Both as individualistic as characters of a book ought to be. Where Jessica is the hot shot cheerleader material, Elizabeth is the shy nerd who aces all tests. Due to an unfortunate incident, Elizabeth falls into coma. Now Jessica  can’t help but feel guilty, as she repeatedly blames herself for her sister’s condition.Day after day she sits by her sister’s bed wishing for her betterment. Hoping that she would soon wake up from this unconscious state.
Elizabeth’s boyfriend Todd also repents deeply as he was driving the night of the accident and he was let off easy, unharmed.    Out of the coma or not, Jessica and Todd are in for some surprises.

It was fun to read a chick lit after a long time. Francine Pascal has been one of my favorite authors since a long time. Its another typical teenage, high school read filled with drama, clothes, boys, bullying et cetera.
Jessica is a cheerleader who is so used to being in the spotlight that she finds it difficult to digest the fact that for a change, her sister is getting more attention than her. She is a loving sister but she fails to understand the impact, her actions have on others.Whereas Elizabeth is totally opposite. She is selfless and places others happiness before her own. She has her priorities straightened out and is very ambitious.  Todd is a very kind and considerate boyfriend. His faith in their relationship is astounding and he is determined not to give up on Elizabeth. Its a very small book of only 160 pages and hence I can’t say much without revealing the whole story. So if you are in a mood for a girly, summer read then go ahead!

Rating – 3 stars (on 5)


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