Book Review – The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus 1) by Rick Riordan

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. So much has happened in these 551 pages. Its overwhelming!! If I were to write an adequate review for this book, it’d probably take me days and days to make it precise and coherent. Anyhow, enjoy the review. And if the synopsis wasn’t enough to encourage you to read this phenomenal book, I truly wish my review does.

What does one do in case of an identity crisis? Jason has no clue who he is or where he is from. All he knows is that 2 people (Piper and Leo) who claim to be his friends, have known him for quite a long time. So does this mean he is amnesic? Or what?
Not only does he need all the help he can get but, as it appears, he is now responsible for preventing some big disaster that would wipe out the demigods and Gods. Talk about bearing huge responsibility, for someone who doesn’t even remember his parents!
Piper has always had a way with people. No one like Piper to persuade a stranger to handover their precious wealth for keeps. What’s with that? Not something every individual can do, is it? And somehow she is as much an important part of this quest as Leo and Jason.
Leo has a past he doesn’t want to recall. One foster home to another, he is trying to run away from a memory that haunts him. A terrifying memory. He is not very sure of the role he has to play but he knows that his friends need him. And he is not one to disappoint.
3 demigods, one quest to save the world and a horde of experienced monsters. Way to go! 

In this book, we get to know more and more about the Roman aspect of the Gods. Their Roman aspect is associated with more warlike, strict behaviour and not as gentle-kind as the Greek forms. Zeus-Jupiter, Hera-Juno and the likes. The 3 demigods who are the main characters of this book,  accept the whole demigod-God news flash surprisingly fast and much much better than Percy did in the other series. They didn’t even seem that shocked, as if they were somehow expecting all this to happen. So that sort of struck me as odd. I mean, its not like everyday you hear about one of your parent being a God, right?!
It is sad how one after the other, vicious monsters keep getting catapulted at them. They are just 3 not-so-well-versed demigods. Cut some slack! Its so not fair. And yet after every fight, they would turn up victorious. Regardless of whether it was sheer luck that saved their ass or their own wit, courage and intellect, they fought every battle with all their might. And that was the best part. I kept on whining as new evil beings attacked them. There are so many heart-racing moments, where you don’t know what is about to happen but you are hoping and wishing that all of them are not lethally injurious. Rick Riordan has created such an imaginative and enthralling environment that I was so submerged in the story, I felt as if I were part of it, one of them. I would whoop out in joy every time they kicked butt and curse aloud every time something equally unpleasant happened. Then I’d realize I am sitting among other people (who’d look bewildered or sometimes give me the stink eye) and try not to laugh out loud at my foolishness. I feel so elated at having read this one, though it took some time to finish. I have only words of praise for Rick Riordan and these books. There is some chemistry between characters in the book. Its a very smooth read with quick short chapters (that enabled fast reading).

Ratings – 10 stars (on 5)


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    1. Thank you so much! Glad that you liked it 😀
      No I haven’t, but I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

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