Status Quo

That is what we’re supposed to be. There is no room for carelessness and silly “mistakes”.Despite the fact that carelessness and making mistakes are major human traits, they needed us to push all that aside and be PERFECT. In this, last year of schooling, we are thrust into a do or die situation, a make it or break it situation. Perhaps the most important 365 days of our lives, it is a  phase which is never going to come back.

If there is no strong foundation, then there is no scope. No hope. No chance of constructing a stable building on a weak base. But then, are we to not pay any heed to the examples set by remarkable individuals who’ve redefined their life paths on their own free will? Who have created something big, something revolutionary which initially started out being something very small.
This is the stage in which youngsters look upto these extraordinary personalities. I am positive, it is a case in many schools. Someone wants to become like Thomas Edison, one of the best inventors of all time. Somebody else wants to become rich by means of a new found business like Richard Branson or wants to enter the media field like Walt Disney. What’s common among these people? Just that they are school drop-outs.  And that is partly what incites the students. Thoughts began to wander. “If Albert Einstein could do it, then I can too!”

Education is not at fault here. Education can never be wrong. As the saying, “Knowledge is power.”  Maybe the way of teaching could have been somewhat better. Maybe the methods used to captivate a classroom – and inculcate within each student the who’s, what’s and whys of life – should be improvised. The pressure and stress a student has to endure could be lessened. When overburdened, we tend to behave like an overloaded shelf. What happens when you keep on piling things one after the other on a shelf? Sooner or later – its going to crack! Then imagine the case of all the hormonal, sensitive students! Little things like this, taken into consideration and the bigger picture becomes flawless.

No matter the grades that we get in school (as long as we are not flunking), I am certain we will all pursue what we like best. We will all become successful. If not the “paparazzi following you clicking pictures” kind of successful then atleast content and blissful with ones’ position. Happy with what we’ve done and what we’ve become. We are our own masters – and I’ve learned that from my favourite subject. I am sure you can all guess what that must be?! 😉


Published by Meera Nair

A 27 year-old freelance Content Writer, who spends all her free time ensconced in the pages of a book or writing to her heart's content about topics that excite the creative spirit in her.

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