Book Review – The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Hey guys! I finally finished the book day before yesterday and I can’t believe how totally unexpected and splendid, it turned out to be! I am really glad that I gave this book a chance and decided to read it.

The Book of Tomorrow follows the life and times of Tamara Goodwin, daughter of a successful architecture, who always has her way with things. Having never been refused anything, she finds it really difficult to adjust to her surroundings when an unfortunate incident forces her to move to her uncle’s place in a far off village. The plot of the book mainly revolves around a diary (journal) that she comes across in a travelling library. What she finds in the diary turns her world all topsy turvy. No longer able to draw a line between fantasy and reality, Tamara is thrust into a world so unlike hers, that she begins to question herself.

This book was so surprisingly wonderful that after finishing the last page, I was completely stunned for a couple of hours. Usually when I am done with a book, I either get really excited or disappointed. Never before have I been so absolutely caught off guard that I am unable to react, to feel anything. Everything I had read was getting processed in my mind. And all I could think of was “Where did that come from? I wasn’t able to guess anything even when I was nearing the climax part.” After reading so many books with mostly predictable storylines, it was a great change to not have a clue as to what is going to happen in this book. The characters were all very unique, different in their own way, yet having some common thread here and there. One of the many things, I like about this book is the way things (and people) have been described – with so much of vivid detailing, it is impossible to not form a mental picture when you are reading. Tamara’s character is one of the spoilt brat that you find in many of the rich households. But as the book progresses, you are able to understand her plight and sympathize with her (atleast I did). I feel, finding the diary was one of the best things that could have happened to her, as it brought about a drastic change (for the better) in her character.

Originally, the review I wrote for this book is 2 and a half pages long. I just had so much to say about it. But I have cut short because I don’t want to spoil the fun for you guys. So I am requesting each and every one of you all – PLEASE try this book. Although the first couple of chapters could be a little boring, I am pretty sure that you won’t regret the time you spent on the book.
Rating – 5 star (yes! I loved it that much)
If you have read it, what are your views on this book? Comment and let me know.


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