Android Game Review – Miracle City


Developer – DroidHen

Rating – 4 stars

Not being a BIG game addict, I am very picky about the games I choose to play (unlike some people I know, who play absolutely anything and everything). I always  find myself hurriedly scrolling down the page until something catches my  eye. So I guess you could describe me as one of those “judge the book by its cover” kind of people. After playing Farm Frenzy and Harvest Moon, I started browsing in search of similar games.  That’s when I came across Miracle City (among many others). Lets just say it is the perfect match for what I was looking.

Miracle City provides us gamers with one square plot on which a palace has been built in the centre. The whole purpose of the game is to build houses, various shops (tailor shop , butcher shop , bar, sawmill, orchards) around this palace and collect tax from all of it. After reaching a certain level we get to expand the area of the plot and also access the 4 different realms – South, North, East and West. Among other goals, we also have to plant vegetables and fruits & harvest them. The graphics is excellent compared to some games. It loads fast enough but requires internet connection in order to do anything. Every time we collect tax from the houses and shops, there is this clinking sound of all the coins, which I really like.  We can visit other farms and befriend other users. Helping other users is also a source of income.

According to me, the only bad thing about this game is the fact that Crystals (also used to buy things) are very very hard to get (unless you are prepared to spend actually money to buy it). And many important items to be built can ONLY be bought with crystals! What the hell! Atleast they should have given an option to either buy it with “coins or crystals”. Then I would have been able to buy it with coins (however much it is) but now where am I supposed to get crystals from?!?!

Anyway, slowly, I am getting better at this game but it’s a long way to the top of the ranking list.  I would definitely recommend this game to  all the Sims fans, Virtual Villagers fans, Harvest Moon fans. It does not really reach the Sims standards but it’s a good alternative. Hope you enjoy the game!


Published by Meera Nair

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3 thoughts on “Android Game Review – Miracle City

  1. Miracle City is. Awesome!! Only problem their crystal shop is down and my emails have gone unanswered. I. Have over 50 gifts I’m not able to open! Can u help? Carly7

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